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Providing Companies with Best Practices to Reduce their Teams Exposure to Risks of Psychosocial Hazards

Creating an environment where individuals feel safe and can thrive.

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Developing a Mentally Healthy and Safe Working environment for you and your team.


Contact Proactive Action today and see how the                         process can help you build a psychologically safe working environment for you and your team.  


Bringing transparency to areas requiring attention, creating a positive working environment where your team feel safe and can thrive. 

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The                    System 

Proactive Action is one of the first companies in Australia that work with businesses to identify and address psychosocial hazards and risks within the workplace.


MindSafe is a digital tool that helps Management, OHS, and HR professionals manage psychological risks and develop their team's mental wellbeing.


MindSafe also strengthens the organisation's capacity to comply with regulations regarding a safe system of work for Psychosocial Risks.

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How the                          System Works?


The MindSafe system captures data, identifying mental safety risks within your business.  Our clients that engage with our method are currently averaging a 94% participation rate. 


The MindSafe system falls in line with the requirements of ISO45001 and the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.


As we are independent, this allows for a safe space for your team to feel heard and supported, allowing for a more comprehensive data collection.   This, in turn, enables you to see under the bonnet of your business to understand trends better and manage psychological risks.

Developing a practical high-impact framework for action, achieving maximum results in the shortest amount of time.  Tracking key indicators of progress quarterly.

Mental Wellbeing literature is available to all team members via an app. Promoting positive mental health and support - enabling us to offer high-impact information and learning to areas that require strengthening.


Discover how we can work with you.  Call today on 1300 114 818 for a private and confidential conversation.

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