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Proactive Psychological

Safety at Work

Psychological safety is about creating an environment where feedback is given candidly, mistakes are freely admitted, and people can learn from each other.


Members of a team will feel psychologically safe when they share the belief that they will not be exposed to interpersonal or social threats to their self, their social standing or their career.



The word ‘stress’ is used to describe the physical and/or emotional response to the demands and pressures that modern living means we come under from time to time.

Stress can be a positive thing, which drives us on and helps us to grow, develop and be stimulated. However, when stress reaches a certain level, it can overcome a person’s ability to cope and can impact on their physical and mental health

Dealing with

Challenging People

This is for anyone who has to deal with challenging people or who may face difficult working relationships.


It provides the knowledge and awareness to work positively with those around them, whilst also ensuring they keep calm and in control if things heat up.

It will help build self-awareness, and highlight the important elements of creating positive workplace relationships

stress management psychosocial hazards mentally healthy workplace psychologically safe

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How we interact and communicate with others is essential in determining how healthy our relationships will be, at work and socially. 


Building our interpersonal skills can, undoubtedly, improve our relationships. In the workplace, having good ‘people skills’ is seen as a cornerstone of business success. Therefore, this course is suitable to develop the skills of people in a variety of different roles.

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High Performing


Harnessing different skills and attributes of the people within your organisation, it’s important to focus on helping leaders to understand what makes a team tick and to put the effort into actions that make a real difference. 

This ‘high performing teams’ course will give you and your team the knowledge and skills required to develop and nurture their team mates, ensuring they are better able to meet the challenges of your organisation and to meet business goals. 

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