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About Us

Our vision is to develop the lives of people and organisations so that everyone can thrive and return to their families safely every day.

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Our Why

Filling the gap - Following our Founder and CEO, Emma Parsons' exposure to Mental Ill Health in 2013, she has been a mental health advocate. Recognising that not only had she fallen victim to the 'Mental Health Stigma' and not asked for help, but also realising that there were a variety of missing information and links between how organisations can support their team effectively and their liabilities.

Companies (especially male-orientated workplaces) are increasingly struggling to improve and develop their teams' mental well-being proactively. Resulting in increased unacceptable behaviours, psychological and physical injuries, and injury claims. Most companies now have EAP and Mental First Aiders; however, these are all reactive measures, as the problems had already presented themselves.


Understanding the male-oriented industries and the daily struggles that companies face with the stigma, identifying, monitoring and proactively managing Mental Health, something had to change - people's lives are at risk! This changed the trajectory of Proactive Action.


A mission was underway to develop a more proactive system aligned with legislation and best practices. Giving organisations a tool to identify and monitor risks while identifying trends. Breaking down the stigma and understanding their team's behaviour following certain events, such as new project starting, bullying events, change etc.

This is how the MindSafe system was born. We believe - that if companies have the right tools and guidance to work proactively and with the proper support, this will reduce workplace stress, harmful behaviours, injuries and incidents - allowing people to thrive and go home safely to their families. 

Doing our bit to bring Mental Health Risk Management on par with Physical Health. Assigning KPIs to Mental Health (Psychosocial risks) for reporting and guidance - Minds and Lifes Matter.

Simplicity, Integrity, Innovative

Meet Emma Parsons - Founder and CEO

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Emma previously worked within the construction industry for over 20 years and has been a Mental Health Advocate providing individual and group consultations and coaching for C-Suite Executives across the UK and Australia for more than 6 years.

With her credibility as an experienced Mental Health Risk Mitigation Consultant, with formal qualifications in ISO 19011:2011 Lead Auditor and ISO 45001:2018 OH&S Systems Specialist.  

Emma brings a unique understanding of the shared responsibility between employer and employee in managing workplace mental health and safety risk and responsibilities.

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