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Risk assessments, management and control process, capturing hazards and risks associated with work-related stress

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Developing a Psychologically Safe Workplace


Risk Management Process

Understanding and identifying the psychosocial hazards and risks within your business and bringing transparency to areas that require attention, enabling you to reduce work-related stress at the root - while also capturing unacceptable behaviours, such as bullying and harassment.

Having more control over assessing and coming up with impactful measures to control the risk.  Quarterly reviews enable you to track and measure your progress, identify new risks as well as identify trends.

Creating a Safe Space to collect insights into your team's perception and experiences. 

Being an independent company allows us to create a psychologically safe environment to obtain honest feedback through our focus groups (available online and in-person). 

Discovering the perceptions of your team - providing you with a greater understanding of the root causes of work-related stress.  In turn, this enables you to put high-impact control measures in place, reducing the impact of work-related stress and building a resilient, mentally agile and confident team.

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Data-Driven Assessments and Actions

The MindSafe simple to navigate, interactive dashboard allows you to assess the risks within your business quickly.  Evaluate and measure any initiates and controls you put in place.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators to see your progress in reducing work-related stress.  Bringing transparency to the senior leadership team.

The Personal Touch

Managing the process with you, from start to finish. 


Incorporating the process into your business as seamless as possible.  Providing you with our high impact communication strategy, signalling a clear and visible commitment from the leadership team - building confidence and ensuring you receive the highest participation rates of honest feedback (our clients who follow our process average a 90% participation rate).


Analysing the data and reporting on the findings - debrief sessions allow the senior leaders and workplace champions to ask us questions and work out the best practical strategies to move forward.

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Tracking and Measuring Progress

Quarterly reviews are carried out to monitor and measure the progress of initiatives, allowing you to continue or alter where appropriate, being intentional with your actions.  This also allows us to identify any new hazards that may arise.


Quarterly reviews provide you with invaluable insights into trends within your business, tracking your progress - as well as a temperature check on the mental wellbeing of your team. 


The dashboard allows simple KPI reporting for board reports to your C-Suite and Senior Leadership team.


All responses from the assessment are deidentified.  If low numbers for a particular demographic are received, appropriate measures are taken to maintain anonymity. 


To ensure that any curial or high-risk indicators aren't missed in small demographical areas, Proactive Action will bring these to your attention, ensuring confidentiality for the person/group concerned. 

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Psychologically Safety

Psychological safety is one of the most significant factors of success underpinning high-performance teams.  

When psychological safety is high, it reduces the risk to organisations of preventable business failures or human safety failures.

Your team will have access to 'How to build a psychologically safe working environment' training on the app.

Promoting Mental Wellbeing

Our app has a library of mental health literature as wellbeing tools, such as various practical stress management techniques, enabling you and your team to thrive.  

Hours of easy to consume content in your hand, accessible wherever you are.

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Targeted Learning

We can update your app with specific information and training to support your journey in creating a mentally healthy workplace.


As we know, many people won't ask for help, but they will consume information about fixing their problem. 


By understanding your business through the data collection process, we can upload targeted information and mini-training (such as people management skills, conflict resolution techniques and much more), allowing us to develop your team in bite-size pieces.  Solving the problems at the root and positively impacting your team.


Some of our clients use them during lunch and learn sessions with their team!

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