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The                    Process

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The MindSafe process is the first of its kind.  A simple to use, end to end process that allows you to actively reduce your exposure to risk from Psychosocial Hazards within your business. 

The system consists of:
- Mental Health Assessment; based on scientific factors known to develop a Mentally Healthy Workplace.  
- Easy to use Diagnostic Dashboard 
- Consultations / Focus Groups
- Written Report / Debrief sessions
- Test and measure

Penalties for Workplace/Industrial Manslaughter are in excess of $10million and up to life imprisonment if found guilty. This is no light matter for anyone involved!

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An Example of The Interactive                         Dashboard


When your business doesn't perform you lose money and staff, which costs not only money but also time.  The cost can be hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more through lost productivity alone.

The MindSafe process is a powerful intuitive tool that collects real-time data that saves companies money and time.  As you know, being reactive costs you both time and money.  
MindSafe's unique dashboard will put you ahead of all your competitors.  Helping you to reduce your exposure to Mental Health Risks and Hazards to people within the business.
Do you know and understand how much your business is losing through lack of performance, absenteeism, staff turnover and substandard culture?
The MindSafe process allows you in real-time to better understand and assess the management of team risks from a psychosocial, cultural and leadership perspective.
A recent example of a corporate client of ours had a variety of staff performance issues which included absenteeism and staff resignations.
We were able to capture the negative cultural impact due to the inconsistent communication between the leadership and their team on flexible working arrangements.
The on-flow effect was that it created hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, due to understanding the issues in real-time/ proactively, nor reactively allowing a strategy to be implemented which recognised and increase performance and a positive cultural shift within the company.  
The impact was also felt by way of a decrease in absenteeism and staff turnover.
This process is in alignment with the ISO45001 standard: identification, assessing, controlling and measuring around the Psychosocial Risks.  Enabling you to demonstrate clearly how you are proactively reducing the exposure of risk to your team and business.

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