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DNU MindSafe
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An end-to-end, innovative solution to develop a Mentally Healthy and Safe Working Environment.

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Developing a Psychologically Safe Workplace

The MindSafe system strengthens the organisation's capacity to comply with regulations regarding a safe system of work for Psychosocial Risks and falls in line with the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 OHS Management System, specifically ISO 45003:2021 Psychological Safety at Work and Work Health and Safety Act 2011.


Collecting significant insights into the trends and the impact of any team's environmental/project/event. Allowing you to identify 'human trends' vs events and any anomalies, enabling proactive measures to reduce/mitigate psychosocial risks and liabilities resulting in higher staff retention, engagement and productivity- reducing absenteeism, work-related stress and burnout.

The MindSafe system strengthens an organisation's ability to:

  • identify and measure trends

  • implement targeted strategies

  • bring transparency to high-risk areas

  • KPIs to track and report against

  • develop team confidence and innovation

The MindSafe system captures data, identifying mental safety risks within your business.  Our clients that engage with our unique method are averaging a 90% participation rate. 

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Managing all psychosocial risks and hazards in one place. Facilitating your compliance with ISO45001 and Work Health and Safety Act 2011. 


Bringing transparency to areas that require attention, reducing stress and mental injury.

Data-Driven Decisions and Actions

The MindSafe interactive dashboard allows you to assess the risks within your business quickly.  Evaluate and measure any initiatives and controls you put in place.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to capture your progress in reducing work-related stress, lending itself to ease of reporting to the C-suite and the Board.  Bringing transparency to the senior leadership team enables them to make quick, informed decisions.  

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Creating a Safe Space

Discovering the perceptions of your team - provides invaluable insights into the root causes of work-related stress.  Enabling high-impact control measures working toward building a resilient, mentally agile and confident team.

The Personal Touch

Working with you to incorporate MindSafe into your business for a seamless transition.


We pride ourselves on supporting you each step of the way, ensuring you achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. Utilising Best Practices, we take the hard work out for you. 

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Mindsafe App
Mindsafe black 360.png


Promoting positive mental health and literature to the whole team within your very own membership area on the Proactive Action App.


By utilising the collected real-time data, we provide targeted, high-impact content, supporting the areas that require strengthening—supporting your team in real-time.

The membership area is tailored to your needs.  We understand that the 'one size' approach can be slow to get traction and results.

Say Something

Say Something is our anonymous reporting process within MindSafe.  Allowing employees to report unacceptable behaviour without fear.


It is essential for organisations to know about any unacceptable behaviour that is going on between employees, to ensure that a safe place of work is upheld and the behaviour stops.

Say Something has its own report, which complies with the proposed amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Psychological Health) Regulations (VIC) which are due to take effect mid-2022.

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Mental Health Quiz

Workplace Mental Wellbeing Quiz

Take our Workplace Mental Health quiz - it provides you with helpful information on reducing psychosocial risks and growing the Mental Well-being of your team.

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