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Case Study 4
How insights allow you to be proactive with mental safety

Case Study

The client owns a medium size construction business. They were aware of a couple of issues that had arisen in the last quarter, which they had dealt with. However, going through the MindSafe results, they had not anticipated how the issues may have played out with the broader team. 

The results demonstrated that the team were in a subconscious state of flight and flight, which affected their thoughts and behaviours, creating internal stress.  The team were perceiving their work, relationships and workplace differently. What they found important and valued about the business had also changed from previous assessments. 

Understanding human behaviour, we were able to put plans and actions in place to make the team feel 'safe'. 

The best part was that the client could implement data-driven processes if an identical issue arose, enabling them to support the broader team immediately. 

Our client was ecstatic,'these insights are invaluable in supporting our team'. 



  • Knowing how to reduce stress for the team when issues arise, ensuring the team feels mentally safe 

  • The team feels heard and supported, building loyalty 

  • Using Data, they were able to improve their positive workplace culture. Understanding trends allows the company to be more proactive in helping their team's mental health 


If you want to know more about MindSafe, call us at 1300 114 818 or email us at to book a free Demo.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


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