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5 Reasons Why Kindness Has a Powerful Impact in the Workplace.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The recent survey of the Red Cross reveals that 9 out of 10 Australians believe that we should be kind to everyone, and doing at least one kindness a day can contribute to building a better workplace. The research also shows that 69% of Australians would like to help others more during hard times. [1] 

This data proves that Australians are kind and compassionate to others, especially with their family and friends. Being compassionate and kind to others plays a significant role in maintaining good relationships. However, in workplaces, the simple act of kindness is hugely underestimated due to being focused on getting things done. The essence of doing a simple act of kindness in the workplace is often overlooked. Performing acts of kindness, however small, can make a positive impact on you and others. Acts of kindness do not have to take up lots of time or energy. Often the simplest gestures are the most impactful. Here are some examples;

  • Give your colleague a genuine compliment

  • Make or buy your coworker a coffee or tea.

  • Actively respect and listen to a colleague.

  • Say kind words like "thank you".

  • Smile at people, even if you don't personally know them.

Remember how you felt when someone did a random act of kindness. What memories spring to mind? By demonstrating simple yet powerful acts, you will be supporting a psychologically safe working environment as it;

  • Improve happiness and reduce stress.

Studies show that showing kindness to others will improve your feeling of happiness and the person you are supporting. An act of kindness also triggers a release of the hormone called oxytocin which stimulates an area of the brain associated with trust, prosocial emotion and social connection. [2]

As kindness can improve your behaviour and mood, it can help decrease blood pressure and cortisol, a stress hormone. [3]. Therefore, kindness can also contribute to enhancing your immune system. [4]

  • Boost productivity 

When someone is kind, it gives off positive energy, attracting other people and improving their engagement and performance at work. Based on the survey conducted by the Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada (APEX), employees who are kind and feel valued in the workplace are;

26% more energetic

30% more feels motivated and enthusiastic about learning new skills and discovering new ideas

30% increase to feel the vitality

36% more satisfied with their jobs and 44% more committed with their organisations.

  • Builds good relationship

If you consistently show kindness in the workplace, your colleague will be more likely to trust you. Having a good relationship with them will enable them to focus on their work productively rather than worrying about solving conflict.

A strong relationship promotes excellent teamwork, which encourages confidence and innovation within the team. When people feel heard, it improves their job satisfaction, and they are less likely to leave the organisation or have random sick days.

  • Ripple effect of kindness

Being kind does not come from our head thinking that we can benefit from it, but it's an innate behaviour that came from within. The study reveals that kindness is a contagious action as people treated kindly are 278% more likely to pay it forward by acting kind to others. When you show kindness, you are leading by example. Others will take more notice of what you do rather than what you say. [5]

  • Develop a positive culture within the workplace

According to studies, about one-third of our lives are spent at work, so having a positive workplace culture is crucial to feeling happy and healthy physically and mentally. Kindness has a significant role in promoting the positive culture that we want from our workplace. 

How many kind acts do you consciously demonstrate each day, with no expectation? Being kind is not a weakness, but it is defined as a friendly, generous, and considerate quality. Just like Aesop, a great fabulist said that "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted", which means that even one small act of kindness can make a significant impact on you and others in your workplaces.

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