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                          :  An end-to-end, innovative solution to develop a Mentally Healthy and Safe Working Environment.

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Create a Working Environment where individuals can feel mentally safe and thrive.

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The                                System 

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Proactive Action is proud to announce that they are one of the first companies in Australia to specialise in workplace psychosocial hazards. Providing organisations with best practices and an end-to-end data-driven process in developing proactive approaches to reducing work-related stress.


MindSafe is a digital tool that helps Management, OHS, and HR professionals manage psychological risks and develop their team's mental wellbeing. 


Our unique system aligns with the requirements of the Health and Safety Act 2011 and the International Health and Safety Safe System of Work (ISO45001/ ISO45003).

Helping companies in complying with their obligations while creating a safe environment where people can thrive.

Simplicity, Integrity, Innovation.

Simplifying how you identify and manage work-related stress (Psychosocial Hazards) within your organisation.

Bringing transparency to areas requiring attention, creating a positive working environment where your team feel safe and can thrive. 

Working with you, using an innovative solution that grows with your organisation, as no two organisations are the same.

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Manage your Psychosocial Risks all in one place

Your Solutions

Employee's Wellbeing

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Give your team the tools they need to reduce their stress and improve their mental wellbeing. 


High-quality, tailored, contextual content, available to the whole team in the palm of their hand. 

Our app also contains a variety of free helpful information and resources.  Download it today.

Impact of Psychosocial Risks & Hazards

Psychosocial Risks and Hazards create Work-related stress for individuals.​ Which affects both individuals and organisations: emotionally, physically and financially.

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Workplace Mental Health Statistics

Mental ill health is rising. Here are some of the latest figures within Australia.

Mental injury is an expensive business: How would the following information affect your business and employees?

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Here's how you can find out how we can work within you in creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace that is founded on data and is based on international best standards.

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