Our Mission:

Improve 1million lives by the end of 2022 - through increasing awareness, education and training around Psychological Safety and reducing Psychosocial Hazards.

Paying attention to Workplace Mental Health has never been more important.

Proactive Action works with you to show you how to do the right thing!

We are the first company to bring you a system to

reduce Psychosocial Risks, with an ability to test and measure initiatives.


Saving you tens of thousands of dollars in wasted time and money on guesswork.

One Clear Path  ' Proactive Method '

psychosocial hazard assessment mental health risk assessement online psychosocial risk consultant

Three simple steps to create a happy, high performing and innovative team with zero guesswork or wasting money

The Proactive Method is a simple-to-follow system that works for every business.


Unlike most models that only gives you a single 'piece of the puzzle', often leaving you frustrated as it creates more stress and pressure on your team and business (not to mention no longevity with the results). The Proactive Method is the entire puzzle.


All you have to do is create the right steps in the right order.

Professor Earl Miller, Neuroscientist: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When multi-tasking, you lose up to 40% productivity

What are Psychosocial Hazards?

In this interactive video, we explain what Psychosocial hazards are within the workplace.

They generally come under 3 categories of which we go into a little bit more detail.

To find out more click on the video to play. 


Please note that this is an interactive video, therefore you will have to click the buttons within the video to take you to where you want to go. 

Under the legislation, we have a duty of care to our employees.  Understanding more about the hazards will not only help us to know how to become compliant and reduce risk but also enable us to build a high performing, confident and innovative team.


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