We strive to understand a company, it's culture, and it's mental health agility by analysing how the organisation interacts from a board level through to senior management and delivering the message to its employees.

Our unique perspective and well-worn approach gives us insights that allow us to assist organisations in facilitating change across all areas of management in order to encourage a mental health change for good.

This change benefits the organisation by enabling proactive management of their teams through recognising the inherent risks involved in today's workforce from both a safety and financial risk aspect.  These two dynamics are interchangeable and can adversely affect the ability of any company to grow resilient workforces.

It is on that basis Proactive Action was borne.


It is our belief that our experience in assisting companies understand today's unique challenges, we can proactively work with any company to create mentally agile teams.


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The Proactive Solution Process 

Building a positive culture where your team can thrive. 


Increasing Mental Wellbeing, Confidence and Innovation.  Putting you head and shoulders above your competitors. 

Become Employer of Choice where you attract exceptional people who want to work for your company.

No more wasting time and money on guesswork and losing good people.

The Proactive Elevation System allows you to better understand and assess the management of team risks from a psychosocial, cultural and leadership perspective, in real time.



How Does the Proactive Solution 

Process Work?

Our simple to use, end to end Mental Health assessment and diagnostic tool uncovers real-time data that you can act upon with clarity. 


We have designed the Proactive Elevation system with you in mind: to give you peace of mind. 


Do you know and understand how much time and money your business is losing through staff turnover, sick leave, absenteeism or lost productivity? 

Stop wasting time and money on training to address the symptoms.  Start making a difference by addressing the cause.

Click here to learn more about our Proactive Solution Process that gives you real-time data in an easy to use dashboard.

Professor Earl Miller, Neuroscientist: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

When multi-tasking, you lose up to 40% productivity

What are Psychosocial Hazards?

In this interactive video, we explain what Psychosocial hazards are within the workplace.

They generally come under 3 categories of which we go into a little bit more detail.

To find out more click on the video to play. 


Please note that this is an interactive video, therefore you will have to click the buttons within the video to take you to where you want to go. 

Under the legislation, we have a duty of care to our employees.  Understanding more about the hazards will not only help us to know how to become compliant and reduce risk but also enable us to build a high performing, confident and innovative team.


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