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How rewards and recognition reduce work-related stress? - 3 ways to effectively recognise employees.

Most companies create ideas and build strategies to motivate and retain employees, especially the top performers. But organisations often overlook the most accessible method- employee recognition. It is one of the factors that we have looked at regarding our team's mental safety and well-being.

In the workplace survey by Gallup, employees were asked to remember who gave them their most significant and memorable recognition. The data revealed that the most meaningful recognition comes most often from an employee's manager (28%), then followed by a high-level leader or CEO (24%), next is the manager's manager (12%), customer (10%) and peers (9%). At the same time, 17% cited "other" as their most special recognition source.

Nearly one-quarter said that the most notable recognition comes from the elite leader or a CEO. Employees are likely to remember personal feedback from the CEO, even a tiny amount of time a high-level leader takes to show appreciation can yield a positive impression on an employee. And 89 per cent of employers feel that most people leave their companies to earn more money. However, most workers who leave their jobs cite a lack of employee recognition as a significant concern.